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4 Multi Disciplinary Team Margaret Sutton free essay sample

IntroductionWhat is a multidisciplinary team? Multidisciplinary team consist of staff from several different professional backgrounds. Who have ability to focus on different areas of complex problems associated with Intellectual disabilities. These teams respond to clients who need the help of more than one professional position. Multidisciplinary teams are often discussed in the same context as joint working, interagency work, and partnership medical care and community care and Social care. Legislation and policy by governments have contributed to the increased and development of multidisciplinary teams in different areas such as Mental Health, Medical Care, and other areas of society. A multi-disciplinary approach involves drawing from multi discipliners to problem solves issues and rethinking outside the normal boundaries in seeking solutions or new understanding for complex situations. The multidisciplinary team is made up of professionals and carers some are skilled set professionals and others are trained in the skills of careering for the person with intellectual disabilities. We will write a custom essay sample on 4 Multi Disciplinary Team Margaret Sutton or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Each working together to reach the same goal of providing support and help, enabling a person with intellectual disabilities to be able to reach a quality of life that leads to independent livingThe aim of this assignment is to investigate the multi-disciplinary team and what their role is in caring for a person with an Intellectual disability. I will explore the role of the carers members and show an understanding of supports needs by a person with an intellectual disability. By encouraging and promoting positive attitudes towards people with intellectual disabilities will be explored. The intellectual disability I will be investigating will be Autism. As part of the assignment I will focus on care support for a person in a day care setting and the carers giving the care. A vision statement of Volunteers in supporting the person with intellectual disabilities shows what we need to aspire toBeing supported to live a life on ones own terms .Above all people have a deep rooted desire to belong ,to be in relationship ,to live with in the intimacy and security of their family and friends ,to be included in the greater life around them with all its attended possibilities for hope and fulfilment and to do so, to the greater extent possible ,on their own terms .The implications of this simple truth will determine our actions on behalf of all citizens with Intellectual disabilitiesIf we take this vison and ask a person with an intellectual disability what do they want. The probably say I would like to have a feeling of belonging to, have good relationships and the security of their family and friends making choices ,dignity ,and making a contributing to their community and feeling of self-worth .As part of this assignment I will carry out primary and secondar y research which will involve an interview with a member of staff in a multi-disciplinary team, I will used information from the internet, journals and books .During my placement in St Cronans I got a better understanding of how the work is carried out by a multidisciplinary team. How their work impact with a person with intellectual disability working in the environment of the day care services. The carers themselves encourage dignity, independence, choice, relationships, self-respect, develop strategies in reduce levels of challenge behaviour. They meet the holistic needs of the person, self-respect, work on low self-esteem. There are many words to describe what is meant as respects for a person with intellectual disability.Irish constitution states all citizens shall be held equal before the law .Respect should be show to all people especially those who are in a care setting whether they have physical or intellectual disabilities .When people are treated with respect they have confidence in themselves and they grow in the confidence they are able to make decision and feel valued in society .It important to talk to the person first and not parents. Always tell the person about their care first as they are adults and should be treated as adults. If they can do things for themselves let them do it, dont say I will do it for you. Often the person will be willing do what they are asked to do. You must take time to get to know the person and their abilities. It will take time for the person to get to know you.Individuals with ID should have choice on how they wish to be cared for. The choice is not all individuals with ID would be in the position to make decisions Some may want to live independently get a job, integrate in the community, some may want to live in residential care setting or attend day care services and other want to continue to live at home. They should have the choice to make their own decision. Whatever decision they make it their choice to make gives them a feeling of control over their own lives.It shouldnt be unexpected for a person with ID to want to have a part or fulltime job to work in a supermarket or a cafà ©, they want to contribute to society. They have the same needs, dreams visions, emotions and feeling as everybody else. They want the same opportunities as everybody else. Having the opportunities to go to school, attend college, training, volunteering, activities in sports, writing, drama, own their own home. They should have the same chance as everybody else living a good life and having a job gives the individual a purpose in life and increase their confidence and self-worthThe individual with intellectual disabilities only have relationship with their parents and immediate family members and paid carer who look after them in the residential for day care centres Their circle of friends is small. Having a relationship with a person other than family is very important especially in the own age bracket gives them feel good factor, allows them to explore new emotions feelings opinions and builds their independence give then a wider circle for communication and building a network of support in making friends. In developing their interest in what friends do in hanging out. Building relationships is important part of people lives and is a way of interacting and a feeling of belonging in the community with other people.There are diverse types of intellectual disabilities Some can have mild levels of intellectual Disabilities. they can continue to live at home and attend day services for training and learning new skills i.e. garden, cooking, crafts. Some people might have more serve Intellectual Disabilities and need more professional help while continue to live in a residential care settingFor clients with intellectual disabilities support can come in diverse ways like a residential home such as St Anns where their medical care needs would be met by staff nurses and a programme of doctors, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, dieticians, dentist, optometrists. For client with less sever intellectual disabilities who have access and can live in community homes where they can do things for themselves. In the community houses the carers assistants instead of the staff nurses who are there to aid the clients in their home environment. The clients can make choice in what they want to eat and what clothes they want to wear. they can go on day trips, shopping used public transport go swimming, walks getting involved in activities this is called social living. If they choose and have the capability to living on their own, they be supported by social worker or they may have support from a day care centre they are attending during the week such as St Cronans in Roscrea. The Mags and her sister Mary and Jenny attend St Cronans day care centre for intellectual disabilities they live in their own home attended by Mary Ryan their carer . She calls to their home in the evenings and in the morning, she provide help in paying their bills ,organising appointments to the dentist , hairdresser, optometrists, doctor and the chiropodist and she help in providing transport plus providing help with shopping .There is the provision of respite for clients who live at home with their parent. The respite can be with another family or in an institutional setting. Allowing the carer and the families a break, or a rest, a time to recharge, the client have a holiday and to engage with other people, change to their routine. People with ID who live independently will always need support for either social workers or from a day care setting.I will investigate the role of a multi-disciplinary team in the overseeing the care of a child with Down Syndrome. When the child is born a multi-disciplinary team will be involved in giving the necessary skills to be able to attend school. The needs of the child will be assessed and the Health Nurse in the community will coordinate with the multi-disciplinary team. i e doctors, occupational therapist, speech therapists, physiotherapist, and the social worker in giving support and services to the child. Once the child reaches the age of five year the child will be assessed by a psychologists and medical doctor to decide on their mental and physical need and the level of care they needTo see if they have any underlined medical problems such as heart defect, hearing impairment, vison impairment. The physiological assessment will be done to evaluate the level of task and their ability to learn this will be important as it a deciding factor as to what school they will attend. The parent decides on what is the best choice for their child receiving the best education to live independently in the future. The child has the choice of attending main steam school or special classes in main stream school this depends on the needs of the child Depending on their disability if they have physical needs a SNA will be giving while attending school.Front Line Staff are social carer employees who work directly with service user including help from volunteers, students, additional staff. According to the HSE the multi-disciplinary staff is the Doctor, Nurses, Social Workers, Psychologists Dietician, Occupational, Speech and Language Therapists, Dentists, Pharmacist.While on work placement in St Cronans I saw at first-hand how important the front-line staff is to the service users in centre in helping them to build their skills and support in the basic tasks of cooking, gardening, music, reading and computer courses. I spoke with Val and I asked him what was important to the service users. He told me the unit gives a place of care in addressing any issue they might have in hygiene, looking after their weight and diets and simple things like company of friends. Most of the service users live at home, their circle of friends might only be family members. Val and Sue oversee the Green unit and responsible for all the client in the unit. They must see that client get their medication and care needs. They must make sure that client get exercise and fresh air, while I was there most of the clients went for a walk around the building for a period of twenty minutes after lunch. One of the Carer gives help in training the service users to play Soccer. They play against other service user in the centre. They must also keep up with changes to their medication and how to handle a service user if they have an epilepsy being able to administrate the medication. They must be made aware if any of the clients have issues that must be attended to. They must record any changes or incidents in behaviour.Another member of the multi-disciplinary team the Dietician who responsible for the nutritional management of the clients. It is a known fact that people with disabilities are at risk of nutritional problems each service user is checked for the weight gains once a month and told by the dietician what they can and cant eat this help to prevent problems of obesity.The physiotherapist is another member of the multi-disciplinary team works to restore the loss of movement and function when somebody is affected by illness or disability.The physiotherapist worked with service user to improve movement in a holistic way and encourage the service user to perform exercises. Especially if the client has problems with movement in their hands or feet.St Cronans has over ninety service users attending the day services every day. Each with their own disability from mild to moderate to server people with impairment, stroke, mental health issues. Occupational Therapist helps in promoting client health and wellbeing. They help clients with mental physical or social disabilities to independently carry out everyday tasks. The occupational therapist is client centred and helps them to do things by giving aids, changing their surroundings, enhancing their lives. The occupational therapist will ask question, why this person cant do this., they will make observation, make assessments and interventions to develop, recover, or keep occupations of individuals and groups. Following an assessment, the Occupational Therapist will liaise with the clients family member and other members of the Multi-disciplinary team in preparing a holistic treatment plan for the client. It important to communicate with the multi-disciplinary team in order for the client to receive the right treatment that required .It is important that recognise that to help the client receive the right treatment it important that the whole team communicate ,The carer has to record the changes in client who is Down Syndrome and suffers from epilepsy. The Doctor must inform the client and carers if their medication is changed. The Occupational Therapist must inform the carer what activities might help the client. The Physiotherapist must report can changes the might find with the client mobility. The whole team must communicate with each other in helping the client to live an independent life. I leaned while in St Cronans that some of the clients live on their own independently with the help of family member. Before they decision is made for a person to live on their own the multi-disciplinary team will made a decision is, the psychologist will carry out an assessment on their level of learning and their ability to cope on their own .During my time in St Cronans I met Seamus who has mild disabilities ,his speech is affected, he lives in the place where he was born a small village near Templemore . .He receives help from family member has the support of a social worker how make and the day care staff in St Cronans . Two day a week he attends St Cronans days care services. the other three day he works at St Ann Centre in Roscrea working in the garden. During my time in St Cronans I learnt there are many different types of intellectual disabilities and the severity of the ID will determine if the person will be able to gain the level of independence to live on their one .The sad fact is only small percentage will achieve the result of living independently .I spoke to member of multidisciplinary team who said that a person with a mild disability and the support of care worker could happily live independently in the community . The social work works will liaise on with the multi-disciplinary team so that the service coping well in the community and ensure he receives this enlistment.During the economic down turn St Cronans been hit by cut backprovide swimming activities and bowling because of the shortage of staff not every body get to take part in these activities and the shortage of trandportused to provide a cooked meal every day for the service user .Because of the cut back the meals were discontinued most of the service user bring in their lunches .OF THE CONVERSATIONThe Public Health Nurse complements all members of the multidisciplinary team including the family Doctor by offering additional counseling, co coordinating other team members providing feedback both to the parents and the multidisciplinary teamIn the brief what is required of the Multidisciplinary team and supporting staff is made up of group of health professionals and support workers who work of a care plan in providing the services to the person the multidisciplinary team have import role as a team in meeting the objectives in providing a centered and effective care for the person. By supporting and providing the care and skills set in helping both the parents and the child with Down syndrome to achieve a quality of life and independence that is accredit to a normal child.Without the professional help the child with Down syndrome would not be able to cope with the stresses of life. Within the multidisciplinary team its important that each member communicated with each other regarding the individual person well being The Team worksNow I want to demonstrate the

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