Thursday, October 17, 2019

How the idea of family has changed Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

How the idea of family has changed - Essay Example These factors have made the reliance on a single source of income a progressively more risky approach for family sustenance. Consequently, encouraging public policies on informal care of the ageing population by family members replaces traditional community responsibility on caring for the aged (Lewis & Lewis, 1996). Personally, these changes in the family concept have made me to develop a broader outlook on how present-day families function. Even though women maintain the majority of work in family care, changes have emerged in the readiness of men to adjust work for family and family participation, especially amongst young generations. The overall social workforce now comprises of men and women with the obligation for caring and economically supporting families while seeking a balance between their private life and social work. On the other hand, globalization and technological development have produced changes in employing organizations and the nature of social work. Hence, there exist unclear limits between work and leisure time. Moreover, developments in technology have eradicated the need for several routine jobs. The choices of where and when to work have become more practical as a result of technology such as mobile phone and computer. In this regard, work spills over and intrudes into private or family time. Similarly, employing organizations have reduced their workforce size while empowering teams or individual employees to become more accountable, autonomous and responsible. It would be evident that restructuring may make available opportunities for more flexibility in enabling employees to manage their leisure and work life. From this viewpoint, changes in the family have traditional assumptions have become more obsolete in relation to the distinction between family and work. Subsequently, the concept of a working mother enlightens social policy on the realities of current family life diversity. Nevertheless, the

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