Monday, August 12, 2019

International Financial Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

International Financial Management - Essay Example The spot rates extracted from reliable sources for the foreign currencies are depicted in the following table: Currency Spot Exchange Rates Euro / USD 0.7624 â‚ ¬ Yuan / USD 6.3123 Yuan These spot exchange rates were used in computing forward exchange rates which are the rates at which a bank or any party is willing to exchange or trade one currency for another at some prescribed date in the future. The forward exchange rate is a kind of a forward price. This rate is computed with the use of the relationship among the spot exchange rate and the differences in the interest rates between two nations. ... 300 $30 10.00% $300 $30 10.00% $0.00 0.000% Germany $132.15 $15.86 12.00% $131.16 $15.74 12.00% $0.12 0.748% China $109.45 $8.76 8.00% $102.97 $8.24 8.00% $0.52 6.294% $541.60 $54.61 10.08% $534.14 $53.98 10.11% $7.46 1.179% The above table shows the amounts repatriated into US Dollars after 1 year and on current basis using the spot foreign exchange rates. The main constituent which has been required in this assignment is the repatriation of ROS into United States. Using the forward and spot rates, the change in the ROS is depicted in the last two columns in terms of millions of US $ and percentage. The change in the ROS of Germany and China after one year has come about to be US$ 120,000 and US$ 520,000 which in total comes about to be US$ 746,000 and 1.179%. Discussion of repatriation with respect to: A spot transaction   A foreign exchange spot transaction or widely known as FX spot is a contract between two factions of people to purchase one currency against disposing of anoth er currency at a settled price for settlement on the spot date. The exchange rate at which the spot transaction is carried out is called the spot exchange rate. The computation of the repatriation of the ROS to the United States after the period of 12 months has been done in the previous section. As the total worldwide revenues of Navigation Systems, Inc. amounted up to $500 million have been forecasted for the coming year therefore the transaction is not a foreign exchange spot one but a forward exchange transaction. However, to convert the sales or figures for operations and ROS of the two foreign countries, Germany and China into the currency of United States, the spot exchange rates have been used with US Dollar against German Euro and Chinese Yuan. The spot foreign exchange rates were

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