Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Information Systems in Healthcare Research Paper

Information Systems in Healthcare - Research Paper Example With reference to the context, Kingston Hospital has been considered for this study to evaluate the process of healthcare units in relation to serving their patients. Moreover, the study also intends to describe the technology related functions, advantages and disadvantages. The study will also offer certain solutions to improve the stated functions or processes efficiently in order to competently serve the patients. Describe and Analyze the Chosen Healthcare Facility Kingston Hospital is amongst one of the healthcare units of London which is located in Kingston, New York. It was established on November 27, 1894 and had a two storied wooden infrastructure. Kingston Hospital initially served 56 and gradually expanded with new staffs, patients and technologies over time (Kingston Hospital, 2010). The hospital was initially known by the name of ‘City of Kingston Hospital’ which was later changed to Kingston Hospital. The hospital had the capacity to serve 150 patients. Alth ough, the hospital went through a wide range of developments in terms of their processes and functions, the fundamental vision of the founder to serve the patients as well as the communities with proper and advanced healthcare facilities was still maintained by the hospital officials and the staffs (Kingston Hospital, 2010). ... ls and equipments of operation along with operation unit, diagnostic unit and its relevant system and machines such as computer systems in order to maintain the records of their performances and relative information. However, the process of storing information was known to be done manually previously which not only increased the chances of making errors while recording information but also engaged a considerable amount of time. However, the hospital adopted fresh technologies and services presently for serving their patients and the communities with proper treatments. New technologies were also introduced for the reason of catering to the modern demands and keeping pace with the developments of the global market as well (Kingston Hospital, 2010). Describe Users of the Health Information at this Facility Kinston Hospital engages specialized doctors and physicians including Ophthalmologist, Gastroenterologist, Neurologist, Medical Oncologist, Infectious Disease Specialist, Family Medic ine Doctor, Orthopedic Surgeon, Internist Infectious Disease Specialist, Geriatrician, Dermatologist, Thoracic and Cardiac Surgeon, Pediatrician, Diagnostic Radiologist and Surgeon for the reason of serving the community and the patients (U.S. News & World Report, 2012). Furthermore, the board members of the hospital comprise Thomas Collins, who is known to be the Chairman, Ronald Myers, serves as the vice chairman and Joanne Frederberg holds the position of treasurer in the hospital. Additionally, Ex-Officio Members of the hospital entailed Mark Josefski, Joseph Christiana, Margo McGilvrey and Robert Seidman. Apart from these mentioned names the other members who are believed to play an active role in functioning the hospital are Emeritus, Robert Hansut, Lew Kirschner, Donald Louie, Donna

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